Are you presenting a video, some complex photographs, macro media, etc? Need to get feedback without switching to PowerPoint or a stand-alone proprietary software? AppliVote™ enables you to vote and collect feedback on top of any PC application.

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START – STOP & DISPLAY Press the start vote button on the Applivote™ tool bar which floats on top of your application/presentation. After the votes are collected press the stop vote button and your results chart pops-up in an unobtrusive position on top of your application.


Stand Alone

No extra Software required


Runs on top of any PC application

Minimum Preperation

Ability to pre-set Question

Ad-Hoc Questions

Instant Question with 2 clicks


AppliVote™ is overlaying the voting application and the result on your current window


AppliVote produces an Excel Document for all your questions. AppliVote for Windows, also saves a Picture of the result and alternatively can create a report document in Rich Text Format.

Download the free 100 Keypad Version for your PC/Mac and test our Software.

AppliVote™ for Mac

Download the latest Mac Version here. It works with up to 100 Keypads free of charge.

AppliVote® for Windows

Download the latest Windows Version here. It works with up to 100 keypads free of charge